Honey Water is an ancient, energizing and quenching elixir that Blume
has reinvented in 3 light and playful flavors: Vanilla CitrusWild BlueberryGinger Zest.
Your first taste will make you believe in the power of Blume Honey Water too!

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 Live In Full Blume

April showers us with so many gifts, like flowers, bees, and Giveaways! Two notable dates that we really bee-lieve in, World Health Day and Earth Day, will be celebrated with special Instagram giveaways. Stay tuned for details! 


Pure, unadulterated honey? The attraction is real.
Every Blume begins with pure honey from compassionate, humane beekeepers.


Discover all things Blume Honey Water.
From news and events to must-see honey happenings, life doesn’t get any sweeter than this.


We have major heart for the magnificent honeybee.
Come get a peek inside the hive.


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