• Batch traceable from humane beekeepers
• Calm, healthy environment for bees
• Bees are not overworked or mistreated
• Bees are not fed high-fructose corn syrup

Honey supplies two stages of energy. First, your body absorbs honey’s glucose for immediate invigoration and then the slow-absorbing fructose provides smooth, sustained energy.


There’s nothing quite like honey. For centuries, entire civilizations have turned to this natural wonder for its signature sweetness and its abounding nourishing benefits. Blume Honey Water harnesses the power of honey in our hydrating, energizing waters, and only 100% bee-friendly honey will do. We know your standards are just as high as ours.


There are thousands of honey varietals found around the world (more than 300 in the U.S. alone), and each has its own distinctive floral character. We craft a proprietary honey blend not only to avoid single sourcing, but more so to take advantage of the beautifully diverse flavors and aromas that various honeys bestow on our waters.