Blume Honey Water presents refreshingly delicious waters crafted with 100% bee-friendly honey and all-natural ingredients.  We believe in the power of honey, its quenching hydration and spike-less energy.  In today’s market of overly sweetened artificial beverages, natural alternatives are few and far between. That's why we've revived this ancient elixir with three light and playful flavors using only responsibly-sourced pure honey. It's good for you and good for the world! 


Hello, harmony. Like a dewy honeysuckle garden at dawn, our Vanilla Citrus Blume Honey Water is crisp, fresh and impossible to resist. This captivating combination of tastes is as curious as it is complementary to the floral notes of our exclusive bee-friendly honey blend.

Ingredients: water, honey, natural flavors (vanilla, grapefruit, wild orange, citrus), lemon juice

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Delight awaits in every drop of our tantalizing
Wild Blueberry Blume Honey Water. Let succulent blueberries, fragrant herbs and pure, golden honey transport your taste buds to a lush, sun-kissed countryside where temptation grows wild and splendor comes by the sip.

Ingredients: water, honey, dried blueberries, natural flavors (rosemary, black peppercorn, grapefruit)

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 Blume Honey Water Ginger Zest

Suspend reality and spend a moment savoring
the bright, full-bodied flavor of our Ginger Zest Blume Honey Water. Layers of ginger create a delicious complexity and lead the way to a lingering finish of sophisticated spice and invigorating natural energy.

Ingredients: ginger infused water, honey, fresh ginger juice, lemon juice, natural flavors

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