Blume Cocktail

The Zesty Mule

Created for Pittsburgh Earth Day by mixologist Spencer Warren. 
2 oz. Blume Ginger Zest
2 oz. Boyd & Blair Vodka
- .75 oz fresh lime juice
- .5 oz ginger syrup
- Shake all ingredients
- Pour over ice
- Top with ginger beer


Photo By Cody Baker


The Blume
September Soother

Mix equal parts Blume Honey Water Wild Blueberry, club soda and lemonade. Add vodka to taste. Garnish with fresh mint. Enjoy! 

The Blume Beekeper

Mix 4 oz of Vanilla Citrus Blume Honey Water in a small shaker with 1 oz of of Gin, (try to use a very juniper-y gin; we like St. George). Splash 3-4 dashes of Aromatic Bitters (5 by 5's was smashing in this mix). Pour into a low-ball glass with a single ice sphere. Flame an orange peel for that smoky beekeeper effect, and wipe the glass rim with the peel. Makes 3 - 4 depending on glass size. Bee-ware, they go down smoothly!

The "Full Blume"

Whether gathering friends 'round the tree or ringing in the New Year, this lovely libation celebrates that we #liveinfullblume together. The edible hybiscus flower is the dressy piece-de-resistance! To make: Use 1/3 Vanilla Citrus Blume Honey Water (very chilled) to 2/3 Rose Prosecco, and drop in an edible hybiscus flower.  Hybiscus flowers are available in stores around the U.S. or special order from The Wild Flower Hybiscus Co.  Chin! Chin!


Blume's Green Ginger Goddess

1 Bottle of Ginger Zest
1 C. Packed Fresh Spinach
7 Frozen Peach Slices
4 Frozen Mango Chunks
4 Frozen Banana Slices
Place all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth.
Yields approx 2c. Garnish with mint or basil and ENJOY!


Warm Your Soul

Our Ginger Zest is absolutely delicious when heated to a simmer, and sipped like a tea! At Blume HQ, it warms our spirits, soothes colds, sore throats, and tummy aches too. If you dash a little artisanal rum into it at night, you've got a whole new way to snuggle up to winter. (Tip: don't boil or microwave - just simmer the old fashioned way).


BeeKindGarden Cocktail

Any edible flower from your garden is the crown jewel of this Springtime Sipper. Let the whole effect of this little elixir drift you off to a dreamy spring garden....

To Make:

- Mix 6oz of Vanilla Citrus Blume Honey Water
- 1 TBS of Apricot Juice
- 1 oz Vodka
- 4 drops of Crude Bitters, Hibiscus, Lavender, Oak
-A Garnish with your favorite edible flower.  A twist of meyer lemon zest over the glass just before serving is optional. 

Serve very cold. Makes 1 Serving